Sep 22, 2013

Do More Lah!

Every year, we’re introduced to increasingly advanced smartphones – we now have devices that allow you to Photoshop images, take high-res pictures and get you video-chatting with your best buds, all at the same time.

Isn’t technology wonderful? But instead of fully utilizing the power of a smartphone, most of us are using our smartphones to surf Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and play games. Who here needs a Candy Crush life?

In reality, there’s so much more we can do with digital technology! With the Internet connecting people from all corners of the world, you could learn how to start a new e-commerce business, learn from educational videos, collaborate with other people of the same interest, and maybe even communicate with little green aliens someday!

Perhaps it is time to stop Facebook-ing and start thinking of what else you can do with your expensive smartphone! Time to Do Morelah.



  1. betul tu... ini zaman buat duit... bukan lagi nk banyakan buang masa...kan

  2. saja blogwalking. Tersinggah sini plak.

    Baru paham maksud iklan tu. Tq for sharing. Cam pelik gak kenapa gomen buat iklan tajuk DoMoreLah tu... rupa2nye suh kita ni fully utilize teknologi yg ada. Tq yek

  3. aah betul tu :) jom buat duit dengan IT


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